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mexican pond painting

Painting from Other People’s Travel Photos

mexican pond painting
©2017 Carolyn A Pappas, Exotic Swimming Hole. Ink, watercolor, and Inktense colored pencils, 7 x 5 inches.

A friend of mine took a trip to Mexico a few years ago and gave me permission to make a painting from one of his snapshots. I have been planning to make this little painting for ages now, but never got to it until now. I haven’t traveled in the past several years, but someday I would like to visit some beautiful locations and make some paintings like this in person.

I used a Pigma FB brush pen and went over it with juicy watercolor and some Inktense colored pencils. I removed all the people and buildings from the picture because I wanted a more peaceful and natural looking scene. This little painting was a lot of fun!

colored pencil landscape sketch

Weather Notes (4/3/2016)

What a strange weather day this past Sunday was! I woke up to heavily falling snow and even lost power for a time. By midday, the snow stopped, fog was rolling in over the lake, and the wind picked up—blowing into my house at a 90 degree angle. By late afternoon, most of the snow was gone and the sun had returned, but the wind was still wild and the waves had whitecaps.

I made this sketch using Derwent Watercolour colored pencils, which I haven’t picked up in a few years. I really got lost in it for a time, and enjoyed myself immensely.

colored pencil landscape sketch
©2016 Carolyn A Pappas, Lake Sketch (4/3/2016). Derwent Watercolour colored pencils in large moleskine sketchbook.
dusk lake drawing

Back to the Drawing Board

After I posted my last wip which I was working on for the #twitterartexhibit, I sat down to paint the watercolor wash and had a horrible disappointment. Some kind of gel came out of the tape I used (frog tape) which gummed up my washes and ended up ruining the entire thing. I had to get rid of it entirely, which has happened to me before, but I was under a deadline and I felt under terrible pressure to redo it. Needless to say, I am going back to my trusty blue tape from now on!

I decided to do something completely different altogether in colored pencil. I had stopped working in colored pencil for some time because I was getting a tendinitis in my elbow area, but I worked on this slowly and with a gentle grip and didn’t run into that problem this time. I went back to a common theme: sunset (or in this case, dusk) on a lake.

dusk lake drawing
©2015 Carolyn A Pappas, Dusk on Dorothy. Colored Pencil, 4 116 x 5 78 inches.

Colored pencil never seems to scan or photograph well for me and I tried my best to adjust the colors in the image to match the original. The sky has a little more pink in it, but otherwise it is fairly close. I tried to keep a sketchy feel and I am happy with my efforts.

And now my little drawing is in the mail and on its way to Moss.



©2014 Carolyn A Pappas, Drive Over the Reservoir (2-26-14). Ink in moleskine.

A few weeks ago someone came to visit my house to look over some of my artwork (kind of like a studio visit, but not quite). She said to me that she sees whimsy in my work some of the times but not at others.

This has got me thinking a lot about the direction that I see for my work in the future. I have never thought of my work as “whimsical” before but I have been feeling that my work has been missing something for awhile now and some whimsy might be just right.

I have started a new pen and ink (and watercolor) which is based on my imagination and memory. It’s a little scary to work on because I am not using a set up from life or even a photo references for the most part. When I have more of the ink done, I will post some work in progress pics.