Hi, I’m Carolyn and I create peaceful nature-themed art.

A photo of artist Carolyn A Pappas.I’ve had many interests and jobs in my life, but art has been my one constant since childhood. It has taken me many years to find my style, and even now I like to change things up from time to time. I have a preference for nature subjects, such as botanical-inspired ink and watercolor drawings and landscapes with plenty of trees. I do most of my work on paper or in my sketchbook, but recently I have begun to experiment with digital art, which is an entirely new medium for me.

My Christian belief influences my art practice more than anything else, because I am in awe of God’s thoughtful design seen throughout nature. I’m always striving to capture this essence in my work to some degree. I consider my talent and love for art to be a gift from God and my goal is to create uplifting images that will bless my audience.

I publish my work on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, and in my monthly newsletter. Please send me a message if you are interested in purchasing any of my art.

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