Blue Feathers

We found a clump of goose feathers down by the water and I had fun sketching them in blue ink. I think I drew them more stylized because I was using the blue, which isn’t at all realistic.

feathers ink sketch
©2016 Carolyn A Pappas, Sketch of Feathers in Blue Ink (3-16-2016). Ink and watercolor wash in lab notebook.

blue feather pen
©2016 Carolyn A Pappas, Blue Feather Pen. Luxury Blue Ink and watercolor wash on a blank note card, 8.9 x 12.4 cm.


  1. Greg AU says:


    I have followed your blog for several years now, always enjoy your work, these are great, and you have such neat hand writing.
    With such detail I always wonder how long these drawings take you to complete???

    Thanks for sharing your work with me.

    • Hi Greg, thanks for your comment. As for the time it takes to complete a drawing, these particular ones were very quick, maybe about 20 minutes and then another 10 minutes to do the watercolor. But sometimes I do a drawing in segments, about an hour here and there over the course of a week. Then I add the date for when I am actually done with it, unless it is something I did outdoors and then I finish it on the spot. I hope that helps! Thanks for visiting.

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