Unexpected vision issues

©2024 Carolyn A Pappas, Geranium sketch. Ink and watercolor in large moleskine sketchbook.
Yesterday I woke up with a weird, blurry and distorted vision that was very bothersome. By the end of my work day, it was irritating me so much that I went to the emergency department thinking I might have a retinal detachment. It turns out that I have a condition called central serous chorioretinopathy and it was probably brought on by stress. There is a good chance that it will go away on it’s own, but it may take a few months from what I read. Any healing prayers would be greatly appreciated. As an artist, losing my vision is one of my worst fears. It’s really distressing to not be able to draw (or even read) without a lot of difficulty.

I made this sketch earlier this week. I had been drawing a lot on Procreate and I felt like I needed a change and wanted to draw on paper again. I did not realize that this would be my last “normal” drawing for quite awhile.


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