The last long weekend

My last day of work was this past Wednesday and I’ve taken the past few days off before school starts to take care of some things around the house and to do the last of my pleasure reading until the fall, The Dead in Their Vaulted Arches by Alan Bradley. This afternoon is probably the last of the family parties that I will be able to participate in until the Fourth of July.

In other news, Michael Nobbs has redesigned his website, Sustainably Creative, and has now made his podcasts freely available. I have followed Michael since I was part of the Everyday Matters Yahoo! Group and I really respect his ideas. He also has a really nice British accent and a generally soothing voice.

My tooth is also feeling quite a bit better—not perfect, but better.

Flowers (5-11-2015) by Carolyn A Pappas
©2015 Carolyn A Pappas, Flowers (5-11-2015). Colored pens in large moleskine sketchbook.