The Princess Box

painted box with jewels
Carolyn A Pappas, The Princess Box. Acrylic Paint, gold Sharpie paint pen and adhesive rhinestones on a 4.5 inch diameter paper mache box.
I took a little break from my normal work to paint this box. My boss gave me this 4.5 inch diameter plain paper mache box filled with candy last Christmas, and I immediately thought I would do something to decorate it. I painted the box with acrylic paint and then did some detailing with a gold Sharpie paint pen and stuck on some rhinestone stickers for the jewels. I left the sides of the box fairly plain as the cover was so ornate. I am going to get a piece of stick on felt for the bottom of the box.

I was planning on giving this to my daughter as a part of her Easter gift, but I decided to hold onto it and give it to her when she is a little older. She will be able to keep her necklaces and bracelets in it.

On a related note, artist Elsa Mora has been making and painting some custom sized boxes for her new home, which she wrote about here and here. I really enjoyed how she discussed how she constructed and waterproofed the boxes.