Settling In

I moved back home a week ago and I’ve spent the last week getting settled in, which will be an ongoing process I’m sure. It is so nice to have fully insulated smooth walls, air conditioning (not in a window), hardwood floors and a closet. I got rid of a number of unnecessary possessions to make room but also upgraded some others. My space looks more cohesively decorated with a new rug, lamp, metal cabinet to store my art supplies and a cute little bluetooth speaker to replace my old clunky stereo. I even got a miniature palm tree.

I feel very relieved to have this project done. Already my sleep has improved just from being in a more comfortable environment and I am looking forward to getting back into my sketchbook. The sketch below was one that I found in my sketchbook from June, before I packed it away in a box and forgot to use it.

ink sketch weeds
©2014 Carolyn A Pappas, Sketching in the Weeds (6-21-14). Ink in 7×10 inch Stillman & Birn Epsilon Series sketchbook.