A painting of a lake in winter, snow covered trees on the horizon line and a blue sky with some orange and yellow accents.
©2024 Carolyn A Pappas, Morning Light after the Storm. Digital painting.

A drawing of a monarch butterfly by Carolyn A Pappas

A drawing of a nest with a blue egg.

A pen and ink and watercolor drawing of a pansy.

My Inspiration:

The natural world is my ideal subject—it has a universal calming effect and provides unlimited evidence of expert design. Artmaking is a wonderfully effective method for detaching from the stress of life and quieting the mind through intense focus on the process. It is amazing how simple marks made on a blank piece of paper can evoke memories, smells, and sensations when browsing through filled sketchbooks and completed paintings years later. Having something tangible to share with the world is an extra reward.

All content is ©2012-2024 Carolyn A Pappas. Do not copy my work or alter it in any way. Feel free to share my art on social media with a credit to me as the artist. You get bonus points for linking back to my site. 😉

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