This is a selection of some of my finished artwork over the past few years.

Spinach Illustration by Carolyn A Pappas

©2015 Carolyn A Pappas, Spinach Triptych (Illustration for Sow True Seed). Pen and ink and watercolor, each image 3.75 x 5.625 inches.


fall leaves

©2014 Carolyn A Pappas, Leaves on Blue. Ink and watercolor, 7.5 x 10.5 inches.


pen and ink new england winter

©2013 Carolyn A Pappas, The Wait of Winter. Ink and watercolor, 7 x 10 inches.


colored pencil sunset

©2013 Carolyn A Pappas, Birthday Sunset. Colored pencil on Canson Mi-Teintes paper, 6.5 x 10.5 inches.


colored pencil sunset

©2012 Carolyn A Pappas, Orange Sunset. Colored pencil on toned paper, 7 x 7 inches.


winter landscape

©2012 Carolyn A Pappas, A Mild Winter, Colored pencil, 8 x 10 inches.


lake watercolor reflection

©2012 Carolyn A Pappas, Blue Green Waters. Watercolor, 8 x 10 inches.


red dahlia

©2011 Carolyn A Pappas, A Dahlia for Christmas. Watercolor and colored pencil, 8 x 10 inches.


waterfall drawing

©2012 Carolyn A Pappas, Feeding the Green River. Pen and watercolor wash, 13.5 x 10 cm.


blue seascape

©2011 Carolyn A Pappas, Blue Sea. Watercolor and colored pencil, 4.5 x 10.5 inches.


connecticut river

©2010 Carolyn A Pappas, The Scenic Drive, east to west. Ink and watercolor, 10 x 13.5 cm.


pen and ink window

©2009 Carolyn A Pappas, Stone Window. Pen and ink and colored pencil, 7 x 5 inches.