Lost and Found

Pen and ink landscape by Carolyn A Pappas
©2015 Carolyn A Pappas, Dunn Park (7-3-2015). Ink in 7×10 inch Stillman & Birn Epsilon Series sketchbook.

This is a drawing I did in my sketchbook last July but I promptly forgot about it and never posted it. It was drawn from a snapshot taken at Dunn Pond circa 2010. This past year I haven’t taken my camera out a lot or gotten outside to draw much, so I am delving into my photo archives. This particular scene would be better presented in color as it is a scene of fall foliage in front of brilliant blue water.

Recently, I found an artist online who I used to follow for years but she somehow didn’t get transferred over to my newsreader when Google Reader was discontinued. I didn’t remember her name – all I knew was that she was of Filipino descent and she had an unusual title for her blog. After a lot of googling I found her again at Ces and Her Dishes and her real name is Cecelia Adorio. She creates elaborate and imaginative pen and ink drawings based on a wide range of subjects, mostly botany and wildlife. You can also find Cecelia on Behance and Instagram. I encourage you to also read her blog posts, and not just look at the pictures, as she is informative and she often gives me a chuckle.